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Kim "Peace-Prone Foreign Policy: Domestic-Regional Linkage"
Posted by: daviding (---.sympatico.ca)
Date: June 20, 2004 02:25PM

I was intrigued by the paper, because I've doing research into relational (i.e. non-hierarchical) forms of governance in business. This has resulted in me wandering over into political science, particularly in the formation of constitutions, with aspects of division of power.

To bring us up to equal footing, I will probably ask you (not in your introductory five minutes, but as we get into the conversation) about the citations to David Easton, as well as Kenneth Bailey. [I was at Crete, and have the CD-R, but somehow that cited paper isn't on the CD. My paper was too late for the CD, too, so I don't doubt the paper, I just wonder about its content!]

In thinking about systems, I am often informed by Ackoff & Gharajedaghi's description of a social system as having choice in its parts and in its whole, and an ecology as having choice in its parts, but not its whole. I've usually classified international politics as ecological, but now that bring forth the idea of coalitions, I see that there might be smaller wholes the exhibit choice.

I'm still wrestling with how I should deal with the idea of "supersystem" now, because I usually make a distinction between a "system of systems" that exhibits some emergent properties, as compared to a "collection of systems" that doesn't.

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