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SABI 2004: Business Systems -- Inside, Outside and Between
Posted by: daviding (---.qc.sympatico.ca)
Date: June 13, 2004 03:49PM

At [systemicbusiness.org] , the following four papers have been streamed for the Thursday, July 8, starting at 1 p.m.

1. "Negotiated Order in Network Form Business" -- Annaleena Parhankangas, David Ing, David Hawk, Gosia Dane & Marianne Kosits;

2. "Industry Demand Analysis to Better Sustain Major Organizations" -- Raul Carlos Carral Pavón & Markus Kajanto;

3. "Inter-Organizational Mediating Spaces, Living Systems Theory, and Accountability" -- G.A. Swanson; and

4. "The Strategic Triangle Model in Alliance Strategies" -- K.C. Wang

Please refer to the above web link for abstracts, and access to the full papers. (Participants in the SABI SIG are expected to have read all of the abstracts in that session, and are invited to read the full papers).

Questions and comments on any single paper, or combinations of the papers may be posted as a reply to this message.

Subject Written By Posted
  SABI 2004: Business Systems -- Inside, Outside and Between daviding 06/13/2004 03:49PM
  Why Inside, Outside and Between? daviding 06/19/2004 06:53AM
  Parhankangas et al. "Negotiated Order in the Network Form Business" daviding 06/19/2004 07:06AM
  Carral & Kajanto "Industry Demand Analysis" daviding 06/19/2004 07:22AM
  Swanson: "Inter-Org Mediating Spaces, LST and Accountability" daviding 06/19/2004 07:42AM
  Wang "Strategic Triangle Model in Alliance Strategies" daviding 06/19/2004 07:56AM

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